JOSEPH AC AYLLÓN is a self-taught visual artist.  He discovered his interest in the arts during his high school days at the Ateneo while using watercolor as a medium in art classes. 

He put his artistic pursuits on hold when he entered the corporate world in 1997. His career as a PR and communications management professional brought him to various countries where he found himself yearning to go back to the arts after visits to national museums and art galleries.

In 2016, he found his break in the local art scene after being commissioned to create paintings for several residential units in an upscale condominium complex in Mandaluyong City.  Soon after, he embarked on a creative journey in painting with a focus on abstraction and mixed media using bold and metallic colors.  His technique involves a spontaneous yet calculated methodology of applying layers and textures to create forms that resemble the earth’s topography and landforms.  

His journey as a solo artist has gained him a following of diverse clients from Manila, Singapore and the United States over the last four years.